Profile of Shanghai Nanyang High School-2014.3.11
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摘要:Profile of Shanghai Nanyang High School-2014.3.11

Shanghai Nanyang High School with its technology characteristics has had a profound historical heritage and cultivated numerous elite talents.
Founded in 1896, the school was China’s first independent-creating modern-style school, formerly known as a private school founded in 1895 by Mr. Wang Weitai. In 1956, it turned public school. In 1959, as a key high school, it was honored in 2005 as Experimental and Model Senior High School in Shanghai.. At present, it covers an area of 45 mu and a building area of 20000 square meters, with nearly a thousand students and a staff of 127. The new campus which covers an area of 62 mu is under construction and we will move there in September, 2014.
The school advocates the motto of "truth-seeking, eager-learning, plain-living, independent-thinking", with excellent teachers, quality teaching, talented students, perfect curriculums, and well-equipped facilities. Among the students once learning at Nanyang School were Outstanding diplomat Gu Weijun, international master photographer Lang Jingshan, great writer Ba Jin, renowned scholars Qian Xuantong, Ding Shisun, Ji Wenmei, famous aerodynamicist Cao Hesun, "Chang'e Lunar Probe" engineering designer Yu Menglun, and other 19 Chinese-foreign academicians.
After the Reforming and Opening-up, Nanyang High School inherits the traditional ideas of “Saving the Nation through Education, and Saving the Nation by Science”, adheres to scientific and technological education characteristics, and has now become the Science and Technology Education Model High School in Shanghai. In recent years, the school has also been honored titles as the City Civilization Unit, Advanced Education Collective, Advanced Unit in the Construction of Learning Society, Psychological Counseling Model High School, Garden Unit, Football Tradition Project School, Model High School of Clean Management Education, etc. It has established friendly relationship and exchange systems with more than 10 schools in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and other countries.
In October, 2014, Nanyang High School will celebrate its 118th anniversary. Across a span of three centuries of history, alumni at home and abroad have cherished and supported the development of the alma mater, establishing Wang Peisun Scholarship, Lu Boxun Scholarship, Golden Key Science Scholarship, Zhang Yuwen Liberal Arts Scholarship, Zhang Ming New Admission Scholarship, Dishi Scholarship, and other multiple scholarships to grant and award about 200 of the students every year.

Party Secretary: Mr. Chen Hongguan  Principle: Mr. Yu Donghang

Contact Person: Mr. Lu Dongliang (English Name: Leon.Lu)

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Address: Zhong Shan Nan Er Lu No.225,Shanghai,P.R.C  Postcode200032

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